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Annual GHMA Meeting tomorrow 5/11/17- ELECTIONS

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    Hi Ladies!

    It’s hard to believe another year has gone by! According to our current bylaws, I will have completed 2 full terms as President and will now be stepping down, but staying on the Executive Committee as Immediate Past President to assist the new President for the next 2 years.

    According to by-laws the next President must have served at least one previous term on the GHMA Executive Committee. All other officers elected must have been a member in good standing and have attended at least 50% of the monthly meetings over the previous 2 years.

    This means that the other 3 Executive members may be nominated as President, or any previous Executive board member, having served at least one previous term and being a member in good standing and having attended at least 50% of meetings in the last 2 years can also be nominated as a candidate for President. If you want to nominate yourself or someone else, you may begin nominating here tonight if desired and nominations will also be made at the meeting tomorrow.

    Secretary is also open for re-election- election. Ashley Musil has served one term as Secretary and is eligible to continue, decline, or move into another office.

    Currently Vice-President and Treasurer are elected during even years. We should know the results of the survey asking members whether they would prefer to change the election-re-election by-laws. If the membership voiced preference for change, then the first order of business tomorrow will be to officially vote on those changes (all officers would be elected during the same year, still 2 year terms, which would start this 2017 year). So come with nominees in mind:)

    We have amazing and gifted midwives and midwife leaders in the Houston area. I look forward to seeing how our community will continue to grow!

    See you all tomorrow!

    Natalie Wommack

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