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    Ashley Musil

    Reminder: The BIRTH Fair is this Saturday, October 1, from 11 am to 4 pm. We passed around a volunteer sign-up at the September meeting. The following is our list of volunteers:

    Set-up and first hour (10 am to noon):
    1. Ashley Musil
    2. Mary Alice Martin
    3. Adnaloy Espinosa

    12 noon to 2 pm:
    1. Carol Schumacher
    2. Michelle Levins
    3. Jennifer Vassilas
    4. Adnaloy Espinosa (until 1 pm)

    2 pm to 4 pm, including tear down:
    1. Chris Duffy
    2. Donna Brown

    Tonya Rose also volunteered with an undisclosed time frame. Camellia May offered to be at the booth as needed. She will be at another booth during the event, so please let her know if she is needed to help staff the booth at any point.

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    I can do 2-4 pm as well if it’s still needed.

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