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NRP Recertification

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    Hello All,

    We announced at our last meeting the details for the upcoming NRP recertification that will be held at WEST HOUSTON BIRTH CENTER, 11321 Richmond avenue suite M101
    Houston 77082, on Saturday, January 14, 2017.
    This will be the 7th edition!
    {quick aside: this might be more affordable if you and a midwife buddy split the cost of said book and took turns using it for the test…}

    There will be 2 classes as the instructor needs to keep class size to no more than 8 people per class. 8am – 12 noon is the first session; next class is from 2pm-6pm
    (you only sign up to attend 1 class)

    Kristin Becker is a NICU nurse and Regional NRP Trainer.
    Cost is $125 (payable in cash, check or paypal to the instructor)
    Please email Kristin directly at: (Be sure to let her know if you want the AM or PM class)
    The format has changed a little bit with the 7th edition. The instructor has opened a class on Healthstream for you to take your test on there. It’s $35 to the AAP. Cards are online now and will be available after the course is completed and students do an evaluation.

    Here is the link for the exam. You have 90 days from the date of the exam to do the skills.

    Also, there is a new e-sim that all students must complete online before skills class. It’s online simulated scenarios. Both the exam and e-sim must be done and certificates printed for admission to class. There are no exceptions. This is per the AAP.

    First step is to register on Healthstream, then follow the instructions on the above guide. You won’t be able to register for an “instructor led event” which is the skills check off yet. I’ll be sending out the info for that once it’s in the system. The most important part now is to do the exam and the required eSim cases.

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    I just wanted to add that this class will count as 14 CEU’s towards your Midwifery Bridge Certificate. Although midwives in Texas must remain current on NRP, this will for the purpose of MBC be good for 5 years. So for students who will be finishing up their training and taking their NARM exam within 5 years they will be able to use this towards the Newborn Emergency skills portion of the MBC. A total of 15 hours are required and this will count as 14. An additional accredited training in newborn emergencies can be done online for a nominal fee. See the MBC application for more details at
    Big thank you to Melissa for putting this together!

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