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Thursday meeting with CyFair Hospitalists

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    Hi Ladies!!

    Our monthly meeting will be at West Houston Birth Center again at 1200. We will have a short business meeting and then the Administration and CyFair Hospitalists will meet with us.

    We look at having lunch brought in but it would be very expensive, so we are wondering if you would all like to have a Salad Potluck. I will list items that would be needed if everyone would please bring an item:

    I will bring a couple of rotisseries chichens deboned :Natalie


    Need enough greens for salad for at least 25-30 people (our meetings have been larger lately) so several people could bring a container or two of items

    A mix would be good of
    Mixed Greens

    Other items:

    other veggies:

    Other topping suggestions:

    sunflower seeds:
    sesame sticks:

    breadsticks or crackers

    dressings by the bottle:

    possibley some sweet things.

    Darlene can you post this to FB as well please!!!

    Please say what you will bring so we can make sure everything is covered!!


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    Is there a reason you want a pot luck? Seems like a lot of extra time spent to make the salads, and serve, when normally everyone just brings their lunch.


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    Cathy Rude

    Carol, I think because we are having guests from CyFair, we wanted to provide for lunch as well.
    Natalie, I can bring spinach and romaine and avocados.

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    I will bring 3 bottles of salad dressing (assorted) and a dessert.

    Thanks for coordinating!!

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    That makes perfect sense! Thanks, Cathy! I’ll bring a bag of pre-washed greens. Looking forward to the meeting.

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