Our Mission
To promote quality maternal and child health care through continuing education and Peer Review of midwives in the Greater Houston area.

Our Philosophy
As midwives, we believe the practice of midwifery to be distinct from the practice of medicine. We base our profession on the midwifery model of care:

A. Pregnancy and birth are a fundamentally healthy process.

B. Each woman is unique and her care should be tailored to meet her individual needs.

C. Attending to the emotional and spiritual components of childbearing are as important as appropriate antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum physical care.

D. Midwives should be trained by other midwives, be that training in a school or through apprenticeship and continuing education.

E. Midwives should maintain a professional attitude, and practice which promotes collegial relationships between physicians, midwives, and students.

F. The relationship between midwives and their clients is collaborative in nature.
We, the Greater Houston Midwives Alliance (GHMA), are unequivocally against social injustice and racial prejudice of any kind. We vow to stand up to all racism, racial profiling, brutality, and violence. Black women and infants die at a much higher rate than their non-black counterparts. As midwives caring for women at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives, it is imperative that we recognize the additional risks faced by Black mothers and their infants due to institutionalized racism, especially within our healthcare system.

Our members commit to looking within ourselves for any inherent biases we may carry and to doing the work necessary to learn and grow so that we may better serve our communities and our fellow Black midwives. It is our responsibility to be allies, to amplify Black voices, and to stand united with our fellow midwives of color to ensure equality and equity for all. As an organization, GHMA commits to making space for the ongoing work of anti-racism by providing resources and continuing education for our midwives to examine how we personally perpetuate biases and to grow in our understanding to provide better, more culturally competent care. We are committed to dismantling institutionalized racism within our organization.

Black lives matter to us. May we join together to create a caring and inclusive culture.
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  • Cathy Rude
    LM, CPM
    1002 Ave A, Katy Tx 77493
    I believe childbirth is a normal, natural event ordained by God which left to nature will proceed to an uncomplicated end in most cases. I believe the midwife's job is to assist the birthing couple in the journey through pregnancy, labor and birth by monitoring the process. Childbirth should be a family centered event and the midwife's role should be to enhance, not usurp the family's unity, or the father's authority. Except where there is an issue concerning the safety of the mother or child, I believe the parents should have the experiences they desire and I encourage specific requests regarding the birth experience..
  • Tonya Brooks
    LM, CPM, MS
    21215 Crystal Greens Drive, Katy Tx 77450
    I was studying brain injuries in babies as a research scientist and discovered the best way to fix  injuries was to prevent them.  That understanding led me to being very interested in prenatal care to prevent them. As a scientist I did not really understand preventative care was rarely done by OBs until my first child was born. I had a fully drugged birth requiring forcepts to deliver a small baby. After that I researched  midwives, midwifery schools , their science, curriculum, and philosophy of care. I founded the Association for Childbirth At Home International (ACHI) which became a training and research organization growing from 4 groups to 360 to 1700 in a few years. I was interested in identifying and implementing the best care possible. That goal let me to another Masters in Physiology from AIMS and a degree in midwifery . However it was a 30 year battle in California to get non nurses licensed  to practice. I (along with many) helped get legislation passed and implemented which gave California midwives a path to licensure. In the mean time I started the longest running freestanding birth center at the time. I also served as a community member of the Medical Board of California for 7 years.  Five of my seven children were born at home . My youngest son was born at the birth center. As a nerd I continued my research to make birth better, safer , more respectful of women and human rights in general . Helping with pregnancy ,birth and women's health care is a joy and an honor. I serverd as head of a Medical Volunteer Rescue team here in Houston after Hurricane Harvey and loved the people  here. My family and I have just moved to Houston from Los Angeles and I obtained my TexasMidwifery  license. I am happy to serve the families of Houston and surrounding area. I am privileged to join the ranks of some great midwives in Houston. I offer pre and postnatal care ,home and birth center births ,well woman gynecology.
  • Amber Berry
    LM, CPM
    1707 FM 1960 Bypass Rd. E., Suit D, Humble, Texas 77338
    Amber is a CPM in Humble, serving the greater Houston area.  She has 6 children and is married to Weston, who serves as an associate pastor at a local church.  It is her heart’s desire to journey with couples through their own unique birth experiences, offering encouragement and support to achieve the safest, most positive birth experience possible.  Before moving back to the USA, the Berrys served as missionaries in Egypt for 5 years.  Amber has a Master of Science Degree in Advanced Midwifery Practice, and has birth experience interning at an overseas missions birth center for impoverished women in the Philippines.  She is excited to be serving Houston families!  Babies are blessings and the gift of birthing them is something that is sacred, precious, and should be supported and protected so that each new parent can look back on their birth experience with joy and fulfillment.  She feels it is her God-given calling to serve Him and families through helping safely bring new life into the world!
  • Chris Duffy
    40 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston Tx 77090
    I look forward to meeting you! I became a midwife in 1989. I provide care from conception through delivery, as well naturopathic education. If you are seeking alternatives, I can help. I have four grown children, all born at home, including a set of twins. And 8 of my grandchildren were born at home also. I believe that, with God, all things are possible. So after a thorough assessment and acknowledgment of all potential risks, I will help anyone I can to have a gentle home birth. My fee includes organic whole food supplements that contribute to a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy. It also includes basic lab costs that are often extra charges to the client. Our relationship is very important so I like to begin seeing clients as early as possible. I accept most forms of payment.  My initial consultation is free. Please visit my website MyHealthFreedom.com for childbirth information and ChrisDuffyLM.com for natural health information. God Bless You! Feel free to contact me for a free consultation: Chris Duffy, 281-732-7816
  • 256 Ed English Dr., Bldg 4 Unit E, Shenandoah TX 77385

    Lisa graduated from the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and was licensed in 2015. After licensing she worked in an out of hospital birth center for 6 months. She currently lives in the Woodlands with her husband of thirteen years, and two daughters. Prior to pursuing midwifery, Lisa taught Bradley Method® classes and worked as a birth doula and midwife birth assistant. Lisa is excited to be serving the Lord through her home birth practice in the North Houston area.

  • Ashley Musil
    LM, CPM
    9489 Fosters Bend, Cleveland, TX 77328

    Ashley Musil is a midwife, co-owner and clinical director at Wellspring Midwifery Care & Birth Center. She is also the president of the Greater Houston Midwives' Alliance. She completed her midwifery training in 2013, and became a Texas state licensed midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife in early 2014. She opened a homebirth practice in Spring, TX and also began working part-time at a local birth center in 2014. She and her mother, Karla Mercieca, joined together to open Wellspring Midwifery Care & Birth Center in Kingwood, TX in January 2016, where she offers both birth center and home births. In the fall of 2016, she trained with Evidence Based Birth® to become an Evidence Based Birth ® Instructor and began teaching classes about evidence-based maternity care to birth professionals in 2017. She has a passion for continuing education as well as inter-professional education as a means to bring professionals from various areas of the maternity care system together. She also teaches Childbirth Classes at Wellspring. She currently teachesEvidence Based Birth® Childbirth Classes and has taught Christian Childbirth Classes in the past. She also teaches student midwives for the Association of Texas Midwives.

  • Dawn Housos
    LM, CPM
    513 Mable, Conroe, Texas 77301
    My name is Dawn Housos and I’m a home birth midwife in Conroe, New Waverly, Huntsville, and the surrounding areas.  I am a mother to five precious blessings—each one with his or her own unique birth story.  I first began my journey to serving birthing families 13 years ago when the Lord birthed the desire in me following the delivery of one of my own children.  Before becoming a midwife, I worked in a NICU as a respiratory therapist and have also worked with families as a doula and midwife assistant.  I have midwifery experience working at a birth center, and it is now my joy to serve families in the greater Houston area as a home birth midwife.
  • 77006
    Howdy! My name is Mary Alice Martin LM, CPM and I’m a native, baby-loving Houstonian! Growing up I would sit in front of the television and watch reality shows about childbirth—I was obsessed, but also terrified. The thought of one day going through labor and delivery really scared me, and I didn’t realize there were alternatives to what I was watching and to my mother’s own horrific birth experiences. At the ripe age of sixteen I read a memoir written by a midwife and I was hooked; I just knew that I was called to make experiences of childbirth and motherhood more peaceful and meaningful for families.
  • Natalie Wommack
    LM, RN, CPM
    1002 Ave A, Katy, TX 77493
    nwommack@gmail.com, natalie @katybirthcenter.com
    I began my journey to becoming a midwife at the age of 16. I first became a nurse as there were no direct entry schools at that time. My initial plan was to go to CNM school, but I had my first baby 5 days after graduating nursing school...and life happened. I worked as a nurse first in ICU/ ER, then in L&D, NICU and Mom/Baby units. Later, I worked in a couple of birth centers and assisted other midwives with home birth. Eventually the Lord opened it up for me to be able to continue my education through a distance ed/ direct entry/ apprenticeship program: The Association of Texas Midwives Training Program. I became a LM and CPM in 2005. I provide home birth and birth center services through the Katy Birth Center. My husband and I have 5 amazing children , and 9 grandchildren.
  • 24906 Cactus Sage Trail, Katy Tx 77494
    I love helping mommas in their journey whether they are interested in Full Midwifery Care or would feel more comfortable with labor support in the hospital. I have 5 children, the first 3 in the traditional hospital setting and my last 2 were born in the comfort of my home. I would love to meet with you to discuss your options and hopes for your next childbirth experience!
  • Rowan TwoSisters
    5445 Almeda Street, Suite 407
    Hottie, Hooper, Healer and now Licensed Midwife!  Professional Curandera for over 25 years so I bring a wealth of healing arts knowledge to the table.  My specialty is trauma-informed care, strategizing for long term success, and doing the heavy lifting up front so that when its GO time it is easy to discern what's going well and what is not.   Also important for you to know that I want what you want. I think the birth experience is one of the most healing opportunities of your life, and however you want to curate that I'm down. Come in and meet me, and if I'm not the best fit for you I'll give my recommendations so that you can find the provider that is.
  • Leah Larson
    LM, CPM
    2331 Loyanne, Spring Tx 77373
    Midwife in Spring, serving families in the Greater Houston area
  • 16517 Longenbaugh Dr Suite 101, Houston, Tx 77095
    About Me As a recent Association of Texas Midwives program graduate, I am eager to take my first steps in servicing the families of the Greater Houston Area. Through the one on one training I received at local birth centers, I have been able to support families from all walks of life. Inspired by my own VBAC in 2007, I am motivated to share the exciting and engaging experience of pregnancy and birth with those expanding their families.
  • Megan Robinson
    LM, RN, CPM
    16517 Longenbaugh Dr. Suite 101, Houston, TX 77095
    I have 5 beautiful biracial babies. It was after having baby #3 at home with a midwife that I felt called to become a midwife myself! Prior to becoming a licensed midwife, I gained nearly 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. 4 of those years I worked in the NICU/Nursery where I attended hundreds of births helping transition the smallest 24 weekers to the largest 41 weekers. I strongly value cultural diversity. I love supporting families with home birth, water birth, VBAC, and VBA2C.
  • Shari Camarata
    25151 Alina Lane, Spring TX 77386
    Shari Camarata is a certified nurse-midwife promoting health, well being, and providing care during pregnancy and birth. Shari holds a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University and is currently in a doctoral program. Shari believes in a whole health approach, allowing our bodies to function as designed. She has been in the Houston birth community for over 14 years working as a DONA trained doula, registered nurse in labor, birth, postpartum, and nursery. Shari is active in the community volunteering for The Consortium of Texas Certified Nurse-Midwives, Improving Birth, March for Moms, B.I.R.T.H., and actively working with advocacy groups to bring attention to and reduce maternal mortality and other health disparities.
  • Toni Kimpel
    LM, CPM, BS
    4452 Jeske Rd, Brenham, Tx 77833
    I believe that pregnancy and birth are a normal and natural occurrence in a woman’s life, which should be regarded with dignity and respect for the mother and the family unit. I believe a woman should be nurtured, encouraged, and supported throughout her pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period. I offer homebirth and birth center birth. You can visit Jubilee Birth Center web site at www.jubileebirthcenter.com.
  • Jackie Griggs
    1533 Heights Blvd, Houston Texas 77008
    I am the mother of 5 sons, 3 of which were born with the help of midwives. I am proud to be a midwife and love being part of this great group of Houston midwives. http://www.Jackiegriggsmidwife.com I became a midwife because I did not like being part of the high c-section rate in the hospital. I wanted to be part of the solution. I like being a midwife much better because I like working with women from the beginning of their pregnancy until the baby is several weeks old. I also like working in a group of experienced midwives so that we can help each other. I truly believe birth centers and midwifery are the future of maternity care in the United States, and I am happy to be part of it.
  • Kate Jones
    LM, CPM

    I am a British trained midwife, I have been in Houston for 7 years now and am a CPM and Licensed midwife here in Texas. My second daughter was born here at home in 2016 with the help of wonderful midwives.
  • Diana Nash
    LM, CPM

    Providing complete midwifery care to the Golden Triangle of southeast Texas.

  • My midwifery journey started 40 years ago when I was born into the arms of a midwife in my parents bedroom.  While it was a transformative experience for my mother and father, it also planted the seeds for me to believe in the normalcy of birth and the power of the experience.  I have spent the last 20 years dedicated to mothers and their children.  My midwifery experience ranges from the most “normal” pregnancies to the most medically complex.  I firmly believe that every woman needs a midwife, and my biggest joy comes when a mother holds her baby for the first time and  says, “I did it!”

  • 5507 E Terrace Gable Cir, Katy, TX 77494
    Birthing Baby offers homebirth midwifery services. Choose between office prenatal visits (in Katy, TX) or prenatal visits in your home. Sherry has been attending births in various roles for over 16 years. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Midwives College of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery. Sherry lives in Katy, TX and serves most of Houston, including surrounding cities of: Katy, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Fulshear, Richmond, Sugar Land, and more.
  • Andie Wyrick
    3019 Poe Dr Montgomery, TX 77356
    Holistic Heritage Homebirth 3019 Poe Drive     Montgomery, TX 77356 7135041707     www.hhhomebirth.com A certified nurse midwife and doctorate student has been in the Houston birth community for over a decade. She provides midwifery care with Holistic Heritage Homebirth. Her experience includes school nursing, hospital L & D, birth center, and home birth. Andie is confident in a woman's ability to grow and birth her baby. She feels a partnership in care is empowering and hopes to foster that relationship with families. She has a tender, lighthearted, and hands off approach to the evidence based care she offers. She has been joyfully dating her husband of 16 years since junior high and has five children. Her passions beyond bellies, birth, and breastfeeding are mission work and reading.
  • 14525 FM 529 Road, Houston, TX. 77095, Suite 202
    Over 26 years ago, I attended my first birth. Knowing very little about childbirth, I was intrigued when a friend asked me to be at her daughter’s home birth delivery. I assisted the midwife with anything that was needed, while watching with awe as the little girl was born. This began my journey to becoming a midwife.
  • 11015 Solomon Road, Tomball, TX 77375
    Shannon Stellhorn is a Texas licensed and NARM certified professional midwife since 2012. Prior to becoming a midwife, Shannon served women as a certified birth doula. In 9 years of birth work, Shannon has been part of over 350 births all together. Shannon has a passion for serving and supporting women through their pregnancies and birth journeys.
  • Erin Reynoso
    LM, CPM
    10387 Taylor Rd, Bryan Texas 77808
    I have been a Texas Licensed Midwife since 2003, serving primarily Brazos county and the counties surrounding it. My passion is to care for mothers and babies. I love continually learning about pregnancy and birth while also teaching how to live healthy and well. I view my occupation as safeguarding the natural process of birth. This begins long before labor by establishing a good foundation with diet, exercise & lifestyle. I am privileged to walk with families through this miraculous journey.
  • 794A Russell Palmer Rd Kingwood, TX 77339
    Ashley Musil  - LM CPM
    Dawn Housos - LM CPM
    Wellspring Birth Center is a freestanding birth center located in Kingwood, Texas. Offering both birth center and home births, Wellspring has an inviting, homelike atmosphere, and friendly staff.

  • chelsea.kbc@gmail.com
    I started working as a doula and massage therapist in 2012, and was immediately drawn to the evidence-based practice of midwifery compared to the standard hospital setting. I completed my midwifery training at the Katy Birth Center and joined their practice after the birth of my own son at home in 2016. I love digging into research and helping clients to evaluate their own personal risks and benefits when making decisions for their pregnancy and birth.
  • 1002 Avenue A Katy, Tx 77493
    Natalie Wommack - LM, RN, CPM
    Cathy Rude - LM, CPM
    Chelsea Campbel - LM CPM
  • 21810 Raven Tree Ct. Porter, TX 77365
    Family Centered Midwifery Care
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