Our Mission
To promote quality maternal and child health care through continuing education and Peer Review of midwives in the Greater Houston area.

Our Philosophy
As midwives, we believe the practice of midwifery to be distinct from the practice of medicine. We base our profession on the midwifery model of care:

A. Pregnancy and birth are a fundamentally healthy process.

B. Each woman is unique and her care should be tailored to meet her individual needs.

C. Attending to the emotional and spiritual components of childbearing are as important as appropriate antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum physical care.

D. Midwives should be trained by other midwives, be that training in a school or through apprenticeship and continuing education.

E. Midwives should maintain a professional attitude, and practice which promotes collegial relationships between physicians, midwives, and students.

F. The relationship between midwives and their clients is collaborative in nature.
We, the Greater Houston Midwives Alliance (GHMA), are unequivocally against social injustice and racial prejudice of any kind. We vow to stand up to all racism, racial profiling, brutality, and violence. Black women and infants die at a much higher rate than their non-black counterparts. As midwives caring for women at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives, it is imperative that we recognize the additional risks faced by Black mothers and their infants due to institutionalized racism, especially within our healthcare system.

Our members commit to looking within ourselves for any inherent biases we may carry and to doing the work necessary to learn and grow so that we may better serve our communities and our fellow Black midwives. It is our responsibility to be allies, to amplify Black voices, and to stand united with our fellow midwives of color to ensure equality and equity for all. As an organization, GHMA commits to making space for the ongoing work of anti-racism by providing resources and continuing education for our midwives to examine how we personally perpetuate biases and to grow in our understanding to provide better, more culturally competent care. We are committed to dismantling institutionalized racism within our organization.

Black lives matter to us. May we join together to create a caring and inclusive culture.
Executive Committee: Ashley Musil -President,  Dawn Housos - Vice President,  Lisa Rutledge - Secretary,  Mary Alice Martin - Treasurer
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  • Amber Berry
    LM, CPM, MS
    903 E Main St., Humble, TX 77338
    Amber is a CPM, LM who owns Journey Birth Center in Humble, serving the greater Houston area.  She has 6 children and is married to Weston, who serves as a pastor at a local church.  It is her heart’s desire to journey with couples through their own unique birth experiences, offering encouragement and support to achieve the safest, most positive birth experience possible.  Before moving back to the USA, the Berrys served as missionaries in Egypt for 5 years.  Amber has a Master of Science Degree in Advanced Midwifery Practice, and has birth experience interning at an overseas missions birth center for impoverished women in the Philippines.  She is excited to be serving Houston families!  Babies are blessings and the gift of birthing them is something that is sacred, precious, and should be supported and protected so that each new parent can look back on their birth experience with joy and fulfillment.  She feels it is her God-given calling to serve Him and families through helping safely bring new life into the world!

  • Patricia Perkins CNM
    During this special time, you have choices. Important choices such as a name for your baby, how to decorate the nursery, and even where to birth. This decision includes who will care for you throughout your journey into motherhood; caring for you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The Woodlands area provides many different options for pregnant mothers seeking care—whether it’s a hospital, free-standing birth center, or home birth experience you are searching for. Additionally, there are many exceptional choices for care providers depending on your particular preferences..
  • Chris Duffy
    40 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston Tx 77090
    • I look forward to meeting you!
    • I became a midwife in 1989 to provide care for mothers from conception through delivery and 6 weeks postpartum, as well as naturopathic education. I believe that, with God, all things are possible. If you are seeking alternatives, I can help. So after a thorough assessment and acknowledgment of all potential risks, I will help anyone I can to have a gentle home birth.
    • My fee includes: 
    • ♥ Organic food supplements that contribute to a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy.
    • ♥ Basic labs that are often extra charges to the client
    • ♥ Birth pool available
    • Free Consultation
    • Please visit my website and complete a contact form or email me. Put the word “midwife” in the subject line or call:
    • Chris Duffy, 281-732-7816
    • I am happy to answer your questions.

  • Shani is a certified professional midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives and licensed midwife with the state of Texas. Shani has been a part of the birth & parenting community for the past 6 years.  She fell in love with the Midwifery Model of Care as she was serving families as a Birth and Postpartum Doula.  Shani has spent the last three years pursuing her calling as a midwife at the National College of Midwifery. Before attending midwifery college Shani accumulated vast experience serving families as a birth doula and birth assistant to several local midwives. She holds certifications in BLS, CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, Labor Doula support and is trained in Postpartum Doula and Infant Care.  Shani is married to her best friend, Russell who is an elementary school teacher, and is mama to the sweetest little boy, Emre.
  • Dawn Housos
    LM, CPM
    513 Mable, Conroe, Texas 77301
    My name is Dawn Housos and I’m a home birth midwife in Conroe, New Waverly, Huntsville, and the surrounding areas.  I am a mother to five precious blessings—each one with his or her own unique birth story.  I first began my journey to serving birthing families 13 years ago when the Lord birthed the desire in me following the delivery of one of my own children.  Before becoming a midwife, I worked in a NICU as a respiratory therapist and have also worked with families as a doula and midwife assistant.  I have midwifery experience working at a birth center, and it is now my joy to serve families in the greater Houston area as a home birth midwife.
  • 4200 Research Forest Dr. #150, The Woodlands, TX 77381

    Lisa graduated from the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and was licensed in 2015. After licensing she worked in an out of hospital birth center for 6 months. She currently lives in the Woodlands with her husband of fourteen years, and two daughters. Prior to pursuing midwifery, Lisa taught Bradley Method® classes and worked as a birth doula and midwife birth assistant. Lisa is excited to be serving the Lord through her home birth practice in the North Houston area.

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